UniLink has been transitioning corporations of all sizes from paper-based file handling and costly in-house electronic document systems to our universal EDI solutions for more than two decades.

Engagement with our customers is a top priority, so whether you are starting from scratch or have an existing EDI infrastructure, we build the solution around your requirements and provide responsive support whenever you need us. It’s our goal to make sure all transactions with your vendors and clients happen with more efficiency and higher accuracy, while occupying fewer internal resources.

In practice, we become your e-invoicing department, completing electronic delivery of invoices, POs, rebates, advance ship notices, and any other documents central to your business—at a significantly lower TCO than any other alternative that we have evaluated.

Working with UniLink, you benefit from:

  • EDI expertise – Our customers don’t waste time learning to become EDI specialists. They express complete confidence in our abilities, knowing that any issue they encounter, we can solve.
  • 100% EDI connectivity – Regardless of the file types used and the systems in place, UniLink universal EDI accepts and converts all electronic files to your native EDI format, or to human-readable versions if needed.
  • Outsourced setup and management – We do the work on your behalf, contacting your trading partners to complete the setup, support, maintenance, and change-management tasks.
  • Guaranteed functionality, zero upfront costs – You owe nothing until our team has finished mapping, testing, and verifying the connections.
  • Improved resource allocation – Freeing up resources to focus on more strategic and customer-facing projects enables you to pursue new opportunities and achieve your business objectives.

By combining personalized customer service with unmatched technical capabilities that save time and capital for our global client base, UniLink has become a recognized leader in outsourced EDI processing.

For an in-depth discussion about why UniLink is best choice to manage your EDI implementation, please contact David Humer at 770-263-5370, or visit unilinkgroup.com to learn more.